How to Go Ghost Hunting Without Getting Injured or in Trouble

What is Ghost Hunting?

Ghost hunting is a method of investigating supposedly haunted locations in search of proof of a said haunting. Paranormal investigators, or ghost hunters, take specialized equipment into these areas and explore, gather data, examine objects, temperatures, and zones that have been reported as “hot spots,” and photograph and record auditory and digital findings.

It is an exciting hobby that can reward those with the want to learn about what comes next and whether paranormal entities exist in our realm. However, it is not all fun and games and should…

Dragon Age Inquisition left fans shocked, betrayed, and a little confused by its ending. Discoveries were made, lies were told, and some folks even died! Fans were left to pick up the pieces of a shattered alliance and hunt down the man they once called “friend” to learn just what happened and why.

While it appears the story will (thankfully) continue, it will venture off a bit. We have learned from the trailer that we will play a new character, one that has no special powers, unlike previous MCs. …

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, from the Smithsonian Magazine, recently posted an article titled, The History of Creepy Dolls. This brought up the question, why are we so scared of dolls?

In her article, McRobbie mentions that people seem to have more trouble with dolls, in a museum exhibit, during the winter and that it is typically more common in adults than children. The question is, why?

As for the winter months, it is likely because of the darker atmosphere. In winter, there tend to be fewer sunny days. Most days are grey or white, and the sun stays hidden, what little…

There is quite a difference between being picky about your food and suffering from an eating disorder.

Many parents don’t even know that their children may have an eating disorder when they don’t want to certain foods for one reason or another. They think the child is just being picky, hard to deal with, or doesn’t want to eat healthy foods, but they may be wrong.

Most children go through a phase where they are picky about their food. More often than not, it is because they don’t like the way it looks, and it clears up on its own…

Rachel Wesley

Author. Game Designer. Mom. Gamer.

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